A Big Thank You

13th December 2013

Its nearing the festive season and with only a few people roaming around, our tearoom closed in November for the winter break. Our guest house is still accommodating  the occasional visitor but generally we are expected to close around mid December until Spring. It has been a busy year and we have received close on 11,000 visitors, many of whom popped into the cafe or, as was the weather, straight into the back garden. Highlights included the delivery of another summer food festival, a wonderful sand sculpture during the East Neuk Festival and just the custom of the many people who have supported our wee cafe throughout the year. A big thank you to everyone who stayed with us as well, if you visit our facebook page there are plenty of photos and memories. So from Edna and myself another big thank you,  we hope you enjoy the festivities and lets all look forward to another cracking summer !